Facilities & Technology

Serving the Western United States

Our two California production facilities are strategically located in Anaheim and West Sacramento, conveniently close to large consumer markets and major transportation arteries. Both state-of-the-art facilities offer exceptional flexibility to meet the full range of customer requirements. In addition, we equip our facilities with high-efficiency systems that conserve energy and water, while minimizing emissions and waste.

Equipment and technology advantages

You will often hear us talk about the skill and knowledge our employees bring to our customers. Not only do the years of experience add remarkable depth to our capabilities, but our employees also work with the finest equipment and technology. Together, we assess what’s needed and carefully select the best-engineered equipment that operates with the speed and reliably demanded to meet customer needs and deadlines.

We link that equipment with knowledge-based technology applications that provide transparency and tracking throughout the production, labeling, and packaging processes. When finished products are ready to leave our production facilities, our warehouse and logistics management systems take over to ensure we know where every bottle, can, and carton can be found, along with where it’s going and when.

The perfect formula

We believe the combination of large, conveniently located facilities equipped with the best equipment, controlled by the most advanced technology, and staffed by capable, experienced experts offers the perfect formula for contract manufacturing success.

To learn more, contact us about your requirements and determine if we can deliver what you need.